ChiyugaPiryohapnida Channel (치유가필요합니다 채널)

from 2018 - 12 - 30 to 2021 - 6 - 30 (discontinued)

main contents: Overwatch Frag Movies and Workshop Custom Games

platforms: BAND Page (1,500+ subs) and YouTube (70+ subs)

Being the first BAND Page posting Overwatch Contents, the channel has grown very quickly. 500 subscribers in only few days, and 1000 subscribers in few months, @ BAND. To satisfy my subscribers, I decided to create my own contents such as frag movies and custom games, for a long time. Now I am discontinuing this channel as I lost interests at creating Overwatch contents and thought I did already create enough quantity of contents, but surely this experience led me to be a content creator.

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